Our Experience
at your service

Experience, professionalism and reliability, combined with our background and that of our carefully chosen partners, allow us to offer targeted solutions for every type of need.

Decades of experience in the area of operational activities related to investigations, both classic and electronic, allows us to ensure our professionalism also in banking consulting activities, financial and industrial world in Italy and abroad.

Security in all its aspects is the key to our physical and plant design activities. Staff training activities for our customers constantly ensure that the required standards are maintained

Operating activities


Operations of control and analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum in Italy and abroad.


Search and analysis of spyware and malware in smartphones and other devices in a non-invasive way and in full compliance with privacy and security.


Support and instruction for TSCM aspects (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures).


Activities aimed at the protection of maritime and land transport worldwide.


Conventional verification and consulting activities aimed at obtaining information to protect the company's assets.

Consulting activities

Research, analysis and risk assessment to support companies that need to work abroad in dangerous areas.

Counter intelligence

Research and development of CI-specific equipment (Counter Intelligence).


Support and consulting for all aspects related to INFOSEC (Information Security).


Identification and assessment of company security risk.

Project activities

Design and construction of rooms with electromagnetic shielding.

Crypt networks

Design and realization of crypto networks for voice and electronic data.

Design and construction of security and control systems of all types.

Physical protection of company property, protection of information, protection of employees.

A patented passive ATM bank defense system.

Education and training activities

Security training and in-depth knowledge of security.