Development, competitiveness and success are closely linked to a company’s practical ability to effectively protect its own production processes, physical structures, human relationships and, above all, its technological and information assets from both intentional and accidental damage.

For companies wishing to survive, it is time to find the right balance and increase their competitiveness in the market.

They must do it immediately through careful and continuous analysis of internal work processes, backed up by appropriate security measures, in order to safeguard the company's assets and, consequently, its business.

Our Mission

SIGINT assists and supports companies and companies of all sizes, in all kinds of security related activities.

SIGINT can provide high-tech equipment that can be tailored to the specific needs of any type of customer.

However, a modern company cannot maintain professionalism, competence and competitiveness while respecting the limited times that market demands require.

For this reason, SIGINT decided to collaborate with partners that guarantee excellence in their own area; this allows us to respect the timing of intervention and to reduce direct investment in areas where a high degree of specialization is required.

When SIGINT chooses a partner, it demands absolute reliability and discretion.
Our challenge is to find the product that meets the needs of our customers with the best performance.

Our experience, professionalism and reliability plus to the ones of our partners - that we chose with extreme care - allow us to offer targeted solutions for every type of need.