SIGINT is an Italian company that provides consultancy, organizational systems and patterns in the Security sector; the services are aimed at all kinds of Companies, Public Administration, Finance and banking.

SIGINT operational experience has evolved over time, addressing even the most recent forms of threat; with the support of affiliated Companies and partners, SIGINT develops automatic and autonomous robotic systems, terrestrial rovers (UGV), aerial (UAV) and naval (SUV-UUV).

Effectively protecting a productive activity, means implementing a series of actions to counter and eliminate any type of corporate attack.

By developing production processes through harmonization and coordination among physical structures, human resources and the technological and information assets, we can obtain a complete defensive structure of the Company.

The arrangement of these defence measures, guarantees prevention of any intentional or accidental damage.

Nowadays, a Company that wants to improve in the future must invest today in the defence of its resources to increase its competitiveness on the Market, thus guaranteeing its existence over time.

By protecting the assets, the Company guarantees its business and drastically reduces the costs associated with the loss of resources.

Our Mission

Sigint provides equipment, systems and consultancy, updated to the highest technological level, designed to counter any kind of threat.

All services are adapted and customized to your specific needs.

SIGINT collaborates with partners who excel in their branch and which allow a high level of professionalism and optimization in the use of resources, aimed at research and development.

SIGINT selects partner with absolute reliability and discretion.

Our challenge is to find always the best performing product that fully meets the customer needs.