Business Security

The arsonist activities that can be developed in the technological and human context to the detriment of a company are manifested in increasingly sneaky and surprising ways. It is not always possible and convenient to organize on its own contrast activities that require increasingly sophisticated, complex and up-to-date tools, procedures and knowledge.

SIGINT has been operating for years in the BUSINESS SECURITY sector and provides a very high level of service for customers of all sizes ensuring total protection of the business.

The risk analysis developed by SIGINT makes it possible to analyse and assess the Company's operating conditions in the light of possible threats, updated to the state of the art, and to study together with the Company the countermeasures to be implemented.

Competence, professionalism, experience and technological updating are the peculiarities that allow SIGINT to offer targeted solutions for every need.

At the end of the process of identification and assessment of the threat (risk analysis) a series of activities commensurate with the threat are proposed, with technologically advanced solutions, including:

  • the study, design and implementation of systems for the physical protection of corporate assets and information;
  • environmental remediation operations (offices, homes and vehicles);
  • the deactivation/signalling of the presence of mobile phones inside meeting rooms and/or protected environments;
  • the automatic prohibition of unauthorised audio/video recordings;
  • electronic room shielding (TEMPEST);
  • encryption of communication systems and networks (telephones and computers);
  • the supply of equipment for the protection of information.

For any further requirement not directly satisfied, SIGINT avails itself of national and international partners of absolute reliability and competence.

SIGINT also presents a training offer dedicated to operators in the security area. A series of courses, differentiated by type and level, also in highly specialized sectors such as "security operations planning", team-leaders, VIP support, close-protection, "safe driving" and "practice shooting with firearms".

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