Travel Security

The need to employ your own personnel abroad in conditions of absolute safety is no longer a limitation to the expansion of your market in other countries.

SIGINT provides an innovative TRAVEL SECURITY service that secures its personnel, activities and interests abroad, especially in what are normally considered "dangerous" countries.

A SIGINT SAFETY CONSULTANT will constantly assist the Company in the entire cycle of activities that may range from the opening of its own headquarters abroad, to the simple work travel of one or more employees, to the protection of the Company's key figures, to the assisted evacuation of personnel in case of emergency.

The many years of experience of SIGINT completes the entire process:

  • provides for an accurate, constant and updated information analysis through access to the best available sources and, if necessary, completed with the direct on-site acquisition of further information;
  • it is implemented through the elaboration of updated "Country Cards";
  • it is developed through the oriented training of the personnel concerned and the careful scheduling of the planned activity;
  • continues with the management of the activity and remote assistance for the solution of possible crisis situations;
  • concludes with the return of the staff and the safeguarding of the company's interests.

The analysis provided, extended also to economic flows as well as to the geo-political situation, and the specific targeted investigations can also be a valid aid in the study and preventive evaluation phase of the activity.

The connection, in voice and data, with personnel abroad is ensured in all conditions, anywhere in the world, even in the absence of cellular telephone networks, using the latest generation equipment.

SIGINT pays particular attention, in the end, to the regulatory and legal aspects in force regarding the protection of workers abroad and takes care of relations with national and foreign institutional authorities involved in all phases of the activity providing the necessary advice and always putting the employer in the best conditions to decide.

Travel security