Rooms and curtains shielded

Cybersecurity is today an activity of primary importance for the defence of computer systems. However, we must not forget that cybersecurity is only a subclass of cyber security which, on its own, does not solve all problems.

The threat is returning, in fact, to using more traditional forms of attack that attempt to exploit unintentional hardware emissions. These compromising emissions can seriously compromise cyber security.

SIGINT has developed an information protection model in the company context that:

  • identifies the resources to be protected;
  • assesses the extent of the risk and possible economic damage;
  • searches for solutions and harmonizes them with the General Security Plan;
  • plans interventions and trains the staff to the new security criteria.
camera schermata SOLIANI EMC

SOLIANI EMC shielded rooms offer the highest possible protection. They create environments that are electromagnetically controlled and therefore suitable to host meeting rooms, data centers and VIP offices according to TEMPEST requirements. Compromising emissions are reduced to negligible values.hermatura.

The protection can also be ensured with lightweight, easily transportable and quick to install shielded tents, made with special metalized fabric also according to customer specifications.

The quality tests and shielding performance are in line with military standards.